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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." -Steve Jobs

Love has been a foundation of not only Sherm's business, but his life as well. Born Jamal Sherman in Toledo, Ohio, Sherm Stay Cuttin was raised as a child to have pride and passion in whatever he put his hand too.  Those principles can be felt with every pass of the clippers and each swipe of the comb.


Barbering seemed to be an unlikely path for Sherm Stay Cuttin, but here we are 15 years later still going strong.  As an engineering student at the University of Toledo in 2007, Sherm picked up the clippers for fun and a way to make some extra cash.  Little did he know where this decision would take him.  Upon graduating with a degree in engineering and working many different jobs, Sherm Stay Cuttin still found himself unfulfilled in his career path.  So he bet on himself and dove head first into the professional barber industry, and the rest has been history!


Through the years, doors have continued to open for Sherm Stay Cuttin.  Winning barber battles, performing as a platform artist for hair product companies, educating barbers and hair stylists nationally and internationally, and being team barber for the 2022 NCAA College football champion Georgia Bulldogs, the list goes on as Sherm Stay Cuttin continues to rise in the barbering industry.  With a clientele that includes TV personalities, NFL, MLB, and NCAA athletes, you can be confident in knowing you will receive a "star quality" service.


Possessing the brain of an engineer and the heart of an artist, Sherm's attention to detail and passion for his craft combines in every single cut to create a truly awe inspiring result.  Sherm Stay Cuttin is fully aware that a full integration of Mind, Heart, and Soul is necessary to achieve high levels of success and deliver a high quality product to his guests.   Book your appointment now to experience the confidence boost that can only come from a passionate performance behind the chair!

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